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Spiced Skewers

Corporate Events

In "ouzeri tou Terzaki", you can easily organize your business meals, lunch or dinner.


With a total capacity of 180 people we provide an environment suitable for any corporate event.


Our menus are flexible, and they can adjust to your needs. Together we can create a custom made menu that serves best your event.


We offer various possibilities for arranging our space. This way, we can find the best possible solution that meets your needs.

Our discreet service and the privacy we provide allow you to create the atmosphere you desire.
The space has sound installation.

The restaurant's central location, our traditional cuisine, and our experience since 1978 make the "Ouzeri tou Terzaki" an ideal venue for corporate events.

Marble Surface

For information contact +30 6937 137 220

or via email  in the

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